Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I feel like such a follower these days. I've been getting swept up in crafty internet phenomena lately (the grannies and now the Purl Swatch Portraits). What a geek. Go get your own idea, Erin, jeez.

Anyways, for the one in the bedroom I used Heat-N-Bond to do the bird on a branch applique and I think that H-N-B is one of the best things to ever happen to me. It's the most fun ever. The one over the mantle is just a quarter flat. I used quilting hoops because they are nice and big and interestingly shaped and I found them on clearance for less than a dollar each. I think that both of them could benefit from being flanked by a smaller ones on both sides. Fast, cheap and wicked cute. Love it. It's really starting to make me crazy how blank our walls are. So I gleefully pound brads haphazardly into the plaster (makes Aaron cringe) and top them with silly things.

I got a lasagna in the oven right now so hey let's all make lasagnas and start a Lasagna-A-Long and a flickr group and blog about lasagna.


karrie said...

lasagna? I'm in! kidding.

Anyhooo, this heat-n-bond stuff... is it sticky on one side?

BrownPants said...

Your hoops look great. I made some a while ago too. I think they still bare wall space well.

jenna said...

Damn it you are so damn cute. Your place is so cute it makes me say "cute" over and over. And "damn."

I think you have great taste in stealing ideas. And it could be worse, you could just keep knitting everything Kate knits. Watch me knit a shopping tunic next. Just watch me.

knitlit kate said...

i gotta know: what is that paint color in your bedroom? in fact what is the color in your living room? i mean, forget about CRAFTS, girl, and let's just talk for a moment about HOME DEC, shall we? i love your whole palette. home sweet home! and what, you been there like two months??!! sigh.

knitlit kate said...

p.s. sign me up for the lasagna-along.