Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Erin's Top Ten Things Of The Moment Ready Go:
1. All prints by Alexander Henry. I am going completely bananas for this guy. I can't stand it, really. Above is the product of my latest tiny stash enrichment expedition. Thank you, JoAnn credit card, for giving me free money at the place I spend too much real money.
2. I had a lovely idea for the rick rack theme at Tie One On, like, two days ago. Of course the theme is posted two months ago and I get a good idea at the ass-end, days before the deadline. Sigh. I accept your apron challenge, Amy Chicken!
3. I really want the guest room to look nice for A's mom, but dang. So Number Three on this list is Worrying about the Guest Room. Help. When you stay with somebody what makes it special?? I got her a bar of my favorite handmade soap and I am going to make her a magic pillowcase. Any other ideas? Keep in mind probably that when YOU come stay with me you will sleep in this room too!!!! No I am not going to put a lasagna on her pillow.
4. Stranger Than Fiction. Rent it, it's really cute and it made me cry. Will Ferrel is just good, he can't help it. Maggie Gyllenhal has a punkrock bakery in the movie and even though I don't listen to punk anymore or define myself as "PUNK" (except I still adore X but they don't count cos they are transcendant) I appreciate doing stuff punkrock. If that makes any sense. No.
5. Mint Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts. Sounds so gross, secretly so tasty.
6. I've been struggling to make pillows for our room.

It sucks. I don't want them to be all dog-eared, but the rounded corners one looks awful. Ugh. I even sprang for the NICE poly-fil!!! I want to punch these pillows in their face. Yes. Pillows have faces.
7. I never took a picture of them but for Bunco this month I made Cathedral Windows (this definition makes it sound a lot more bitchier than we are. My group just likes to hang out with other girls and drink). One of the cute little old ladies at my old Jo-Ann made them once and I thought they were cute and hilarious and kind of scarily trashy and delicious. One girl told me "I know we just met, but I could kiss you for making these". WOOO!!! Yeeeeuuh.
8. I'm getting SO ANTSY to start a garden. I have no interest in annuals. I want my garden to grow and spread and go crazy. I brought my little herbies outside today to start hardening off, and then I forgot about them and left them out half-an-hour longer than I planned to. And then it rained. Oops. I hope that is no indication of what I will be like as a Cottage Gardener. I also hope they will be ok.
9. Today at recess I learned a lot about Mean Erin and so did one of the students in my class. It was weird. Cos I never yell, I usually nag, but they don't listen. But there is a Mean Erin in there, and they'll listen to her. I wish it weren't so, because negative reinforment isn't the greatest way of managing behavior, but sometimes they leave you no choice. Good luck reasoning with an eight year-old. I think children are fabulous and amazing but what do you DO with them sometimes??
10. I don't remember the last time I made a granny square but, hey, if my girlfriend Teva Durham is hookin' it up, then somehow it must be right that I am having major knit block and crochet fever.


sarah said...

Those poor pillows! Have you tried pillow forms? I've never been able to make throw pillows work with loose stuffing. Supposedly the foam ones make better looking pillows but I've only used the, um, non-foam ones (with polyfill in them).

jenna said...

I think those pillows should meet Mean Erin. But I love the fabric a whole lot!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, use pillow forms. It makes a huge difference. Get rid of the poly fil- it just gets lumpy.

Rachael said...

Not only are you stalking me, but you're making pillows out of the same fabric I just made pillows out of, same color, too! Hope you're doing well! I used pillow forms for mine and they were super fast.