Monday, July 03, 2006

much ado.

so this is a finished "BLOUSE", built by me, with the aid of a pattern from lovely built by wendy. the collar nearly killed me (i scorched collar #1 applying the interfacing and had to quickly cut out a new one. oops.) and the 3/8" seam allowances and narrow hems struck me as wonky but i survived it. next time i think i will use something with better drape than calico (damned floof sleeves have no floof), but keepsake was a dollar off per yard and i was hesitant to ruin something more precious. i don't hate it. ta-da.

meanwhile i haven't hardly knit a a stitch in ages and i still haven't figured out what the serger's problem is. you fix it.


Anonymous said...

You have a serger...and you use it???

So THAT's the trick! I've had one in the box for about 3 months. I keep yelling at it to get the hell out and do some work. I'm kind of afraid of the threading directions. ;-)

Your SP

Anonymous said...

i love that shirt!!!! well done!
- chicks with sticks old Kim

rachel said...

Erin rocks my world...