Thursday, June 15, 2006

life is funny.

i forgot to post these, but they are long since done. and when i put them on, i could feel every stitch with the soles of my feet. which had me slightly worried about my current project. if the socks are hurty on my feet, what happens when you sit on a knit? i am not posting anything here just yet, for a number of reasons: i like secrets, for one, and for another, um it borders on NSFW. or maybe i am just a prude. but yeah. my submission for SnBIII has been mailed. and now we x our fingers and wait for the illustrious debbie stoller to decide said item's fate.

the new sewing machine is incredible. truly. i am so happy to have one. and in other news, my picture book from this spring is almost done, and if you want to give me your money, i want to give you my book.

i'll try to post on a more regular basis, but it's hard when you have to leave your house to blog, either to brave coffee shop snobbery or the wackjobs at the public library!

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jenna said...

LUV LUV your stripey socks! Bummer that they are hurty. What did you submit to SnB?? I missed you guys last night! See you next Thurs. fo'shizzle.

P.S. Are you knitting secret underpants?