Wednesday, June 04, 2008


What's up, blog?

1. Thank you so extremely very much for the kind comments and e-mails about Norton. He is, I am very happy to report, doing awesome. It was quite scary for a while, and Nort absolutely HATES taking pills, but we've rounded a corner and he's doing fabulous. He still has to wear the dumb collar for a bit longer but he'll manage. Thank you so much for the love : ) It makes a difference.

2. The other day I was going through my vintage sewing pattern stash to sort out the wearable and the unwearable, and I found this dress pattern, with a pocket and a facing cut out and stuffed in the envelope. Vintage fabric bits when you're not expecting them are a wonderful surprise. Copyright 1966. A nice little surprise that made me feel exponentially better about life on this planet.

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Meg said...

All sympathy to and for Norton. Went through the same thing with my Emerson. Got him to the vet just as he lost consciousness and he didn't get it back for days. He's fine now, and that was a few years ago.

What a lovely discovery. Makes me want to go through my own vintage stash!