Monday, November 27, 2006


looks like it's true what they say about how the most difficult things are the ones most worth doing. appears to apply to baby quilts (assembled via the making-shit-up-as-you-go-along method) and motherhood (from an observer's standpoint). perhaps it also applies to moving into an adorable 1917 bungalow four states west of your hometown of 23 years. here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

That photo is precious. The baby quilt---seriously---looks exquisite!

Don't move.

two trees said...

such a beautiful quilt!

Kelly B said...

Yes, please don't move.

Even though you shouldn't move, I have a question- is it the house on the road where Nate's grandmother lives?

Anonymous said...

that quilt is incredible. bravo.

double ditto on the moving ban. (hey, if i'm sticking around, you're just going to have to as well!)

pixi said...

you're so brave and wonderful. good luck with it all. lovely job on the quilt and the baby and the decision-making.